Yahoo relied on us to build a place where NFT artists get recognized & a template ecosystem for their team


Dexter and I at Crafted Studios built a website for Yahoo / RYOT Studios build an experience to compliment the initiative to help black artists enter the NFT world. The NFTs are Hosted on Superrare and the agency - Disrupt Space is hosting the initiative. I handled development and technical consulting for this site.

See the final results:

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Technical Challenges

Our challenge was more from a Yahoo perspective. I wanted to change the way that Yahoo creates dynamic content throughout their ecosystem. With that, we came up with some solutions using Github so they could have dynamic sites and not worry about having to always export code from Webflow. We’re still working on this process with Yahoo currently.

Sekai Machache's Profile and Title Piece.

We'll continue to work with Yahoo into the near future as official Webflow Vendors. We're excited to help them use no-code to launch campaign websites.

Creating an ecosystem of templates alone at scale is tough. With large companies like Yahoo, team members may not have the time to train one on one. With our help building out training folders, documents, and knowledge -- Yahoo is able to deploy pre-built templates at ease.

We’re still working closely with Yahoo

We're still working with them as their ecosystem grows, their needs for campaign sites increases, and as they keep finding value in our services honestly. As long as we can help we will, and the end result of this campaign was a successfully launched dynamic website promoting and empowering artists to start their NFT journey.

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